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Perfect Fit Equine Rescue

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The 3 Cs of horse ownership

Posted on October 27, 2013 at 7:48 PM Comments comments (0)
The 3 Cs of horse ownership
A quick overview and guide to preparing for your first horse! 

 Lets start with the actual financial aspect of buying and owning a horse. They are expensive animals, but there are SO many reasons why they are worth the money spent! Lets see if its possible for you. 

 For the average horse owner with no competition aspirations, you can find a good horse easily under $5,000. Most of the time under $2,500. On average our rescue horses are $300-­$1,000.  

Basic: Vaccinations for 1 year will be around $150-­$200, dental work is $200 each year, dewormer is around $25 a year.
Emergency: In an emergency such as colic, major injury, or prolonged illness you can quickly bring up a vet bill in the range of $1,000-­$5,000. 

 8 week schedule x one year. Barefoot: $65/visit. $390/year. Front shoes: $115/visit. $690/year. 

Some large facilities can offer pasture board for as low as $200 a month, and a full care stall/paddock be around $500. Hensley Ranch prices are $300-­$425.
 Basic: Halter/lead($20-­$30), grooming tools($20-­$30), saddle/pad($250­$600), bridle/bit($40-­100), first aid($20­-$30).
Optional/dependent on horse: boots, blanket, fly mask/sheet, lunge line, bareback pad. Another $100­-$250 

 Helmet, boots(riding and muck), pants, shirts, jacket, gloves. As a rider, most of this
stuff you probably already have, but these items will wear out and need to be replaced the more you are with the horse. 

 It is very helpful and highly recommended to take consistent lessons with your new horse so that you both can get off to a good start and properly bond. 

 We just went over the actual costs of owning the horse and now you want to think of the commitment behind it. 

 How much time do you have to care for and visit your new horse?
Can you go to the barn 1­3 days a week, 3­5, or 5­7?
Deciding how much time you have to spent will help you choose the right horse. Some horses are fine with minimal riding, and others need lots of exercise.
You will also have to make time for vet and farrier visits, and potential emergencies. 

 Long term:
 College, job change, moving, having kids? It helps to think ahead to any major life changes that may come up in the future, and how that will affect your horse ownership. It can take time to sell or rehome a horse if you are no longer able to keep it. 

 Once you have decided you have the time and money to purchase a horse, lets confirm you are mentally and physically prepared for the hands on care. 

Horses need to be checked and get a basic grooming at least every other day to make sure they are healthy and injury free. At a boarding facility there is often staff to check on your horse daily. They should receive a deep grooming once a week or more. 

For both the physical and mental health of your horse you should plan to ride or do ground work on a consistent schedule. Some horses need more exercise, and some need less, but the more time spent with your horse, the happier they will be! Training: There may be time where a training issues with you or your horse will surface. That can take extra time to address and work on the behavior. You will want to stay committed to keeping your horse a well behaved and happy equine! 

An exciting milestone!

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 12:42 AM Comments comments (0)
Laura's recap of the last 3 years:

In March of 2010 I signed up for a training competion designed to help train and re-home rescue horses. And i will admit, i was in it for the bragging rights and cash prize, it was just an added bonus to help a rescue... But as i started the process of the 70 day competition my eyes were opened to just how many horses are in need. Once i finished, i knew i needed to continue this journey and see where it was going to take me. For more details regarding the competition please see my old blog here: Remember, start at the beginning!

2010: After the competition I started emailing local rescues to see if they needed any training help. i received one horse as a training project. I also fostered two horses from the animal shelter. 
Horses: Nevy(Nevada), Midge, Shadow, Ella, Lilly.

2011: Took in 3 training projects for rescues, and fostered a couple more shelter horses. We also ended up taking 5 owner surrender horses that year.
Horses: Mya, Sterling, Mac, Lanie, Red, Jack, Bella, Dixie, Rosie, Jasmine.

2012: We started working more directly with the shelter, and did not take any other training projects or owner surrenders, We also started the process of applying for our 501©3 status.
Horses: Chandler, Rio, Austen, Barney, Belle, George, Naomi, Ruth, Pete.

2013: As of May we are a fully official 501©3 rescue and working almost solely with the animal shelter and city of MH.
Horses(so far): Nacona, Beau, Napoleon, Bogie, Maverick, and...

that is 29 horses! Want to know more about any of the horses? post their name in the comments and i will share their story.

And now i would like to introduce you to our 30th horse! We will be naming him Thirty, which may sound like a very silly name, but we are giving it with honor. He represents the 29 horse before him who received a second chance at a good life. We will hopefully be picking him up from the animal shelter tomorrow, Oct 9th. 

Now, we will be having a special "$30 for Thirty" fundraiser for his sponsorship fee!

10 people contributing $30: $300 - over a month of care!
30 people contributing $30: $900 - over 3 months of care!
100 people contributing $30: - that is 15 months of care! 
496(our followers) people contributing $30: -$14,880 - WOW!

Can you spare $30 to support Thirty?

Tack Sale!

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 3:22 PM Comments comments (0)
Perfect Fit Equine Rescue

Tack Sale and Walnut Picking

Saturday, November 2nd, 9 AM - 2 PM 

 Come meet and greet with our horses.All proceeds from Walnut Picking, Vendor Spaces, and the sale of Donated Tack go straight to benefit the rescue.This year’s goal - $2000 (teeth floating for ten of our residents!) Want to help but can’t make it that day? Consider donating those unused items you’ve got stashed away in your tack box. We are a 501(c)3 so all donations are tax deductible.  Are you a vendor or other group interested in selling at our event? Space fees are only $20 but we need a firm count ahead of time. Contact us for more information!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Posted on December 30, 2012 at 6:19 PM Comments comments (0)

   As we move into the excitement of a new year, and all it holds we can't help but to look back at the accomplishments of 2012.  

   To recap: P.F.E.R. helped 13 horses in 2012. 6 were adopted, 5 are available to adopt, and we had to sadly say goodbye to 2.
   Jasmine, Rosie, and Red came to us in 2011, and had not been adopted by the beginning of the new year.  Jasmine is still available for adoption, Rosie was adopted by Laura Trouard in August, and Red was humanely euthanized in March after a fatal tumor was discovered in his abdomen. 
   In January we received 2 horses from the Santa Clara County Animal Shelter; a TB mare named Rio, and a TB gelding named Chandler.  Chandler was adopted in March, and Rio was with us until September when she had to be humanely euthanized due to a very serious and painful infection.  
   In April we received Austen, a stunning dapple grey gelding, from the animal shelter.  He was quickly adopted in May.  Barney, a grade gelding was also at the shelter in April but went into a foster care home.  From there he was also adopted in May.  
   Belle, an arabxQH, and George, a paint gelding, both came from the shelter in July and are still available for adoption.  Only a couple days after the arrival of those two horses we also took in 2 abandoned horses, Ruth and Naomi, in the beginning of August.  Naomi was adopted in November, and Ruth is available for adoption.  
   Dixie was rescued and adopted in 2011, but had to be returned in August of this year.  She was adopted again in October.  Our newest resident, Pete, was abandoned and we welcomed him in November.  He will be available for adoption in 2013. 

  • We have be come an official non-profit and started receiving consistent donations to support the horses.  
  • The second annual Walnuts for horses event and raised over $1,100 through walnut sales, a bake sale, used tack sale, and generous donations.  
  • Seen a growth in volunteers, and appreciate the time and effort of everyone who lends a hand. 
  • Word is spreading and we are becoming more well known in the community.

It has been a whirlwind year for Perfect Fit Equine Rescue.  Although I dove into horse rescue back in 2010, and started the paperwork in 2011,  P.F.E.R. did not become a tangible reality until this year.  I am so excited to continue with this crazy journey of horse rescue and want to express my deepest thanks to each and every person supporting me. -Laura Trouard


Posted on September 16, 2012 at 3:21 PM Comments comments (0)
Welcome and thank you for visit our website!  Once we get everything up and running i promise to update as often as possible.  For now, please visit to keep up with everything.